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The elevator pitch of graphic design

Logos are the core of any brand. That’s why we dive deep into your business to truly understand your world and create this powerful piece of design for you. Every logo we create represents the essence, vision, and character of your brand, all distilled into the most memorable, honest and expressive visual possible.

A fundraising rally of 50 Ferraris driving from San Francisco to Yosemite inspired fluid racing stripes in Italian colors for their 2023 event.


Donors and community join at a radiant fundraising gala, recognizing the collective commitment to Ravenswood students and schools.

Outdoor Afro Event

With the return to in-person fundraising galas, this year’s theme was metamorphosis plus a topographical nod to Outdoor Afro’s mission.


Every year Gigamon sends their best salespeople on a reward trip. This year’s incentive destination was Mayakoba, Mexico along the Mayan Riviera.

Drum & Fife's own line of readers — with a nod to tradition through name, logotype and the pictorial mark perfect for the compact space on the temples of glasses.

Marseille, Inc.
Developer of 4K video chips and the “golden eye” of video color approval that is revolutionizing the way video chips are designed and prototyped.
What i Wore
Fashion app that allows users to automatically create a visual daily diary of what they wore, when. The app also has robust social functions and allows for dialogue among fashionistas.
Made With Love In Long Beach

Logo for a collaboration of artisanal goods purveyors in Long Beach inspired by the iconic surf culture sunset poster.


Ravenswood Education Foundation’s ONE themed fundraising gala celebrated the positive ripple effects of rallying together, carrying throughout an entire community.


The founder’s German heritage and her favorite spice inspired the name of this artisan bakery. (Zimt is the German word for cinnamon.)


Event logo for Ravenswood Education Foundation’s annual fundraiser to help their minority student population get back in the driver’s seat and address the increase in learning challenges caused by the pandemic.


For QuestBridge's 25th anniversary summit, we took cues from the organization's maze symbol and transformed it into an energetic event logo, illustrating diversity and the myriad pathways to success.

App developer that tasks itself with creating thoughtfully crafted apps that are useful, intuitive and a pleasure to use.
Women’s Foundation California

For their brand refresh, we modernized the font, deconstructed the gender symbols, and added the rainbow of color to reflect today’s inclusive community.


This pioneering tech company provides risk assessment to insurers and owners of autonomous vehicles.

Addison Auction

Fun, bold logo for the superhero-themed auction and a spirit apparel for Addison Elementary School’s fundraising drive.

Developer of biosensors using thin films of gold leaf on flexible substrates.
Protein Discovery
Developer of laboratory systems for analyzing complex, folded protein structures in pharmaceutical and life science research.

Vyou is a vibrant, creative Roku channel designed to showcase short films from emerging videographers and experimental work from established directors.

Sierra Club / 125th Anniversary

The Sierra Club turns 125! To mark the special event, we created a commemorative logo using the concentric tree rings to represent both the organization’s age and continuing growth.

Provider of web programming and development services.
Esparza Fútbol Clinic
Personalized soccer clinics and training for individuals, small groups or teams in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A line of high-quality, award-winning gourmet foods from the Mediterranean.

Developer of drugs that reverse the skeletal thinning caused by osteoporosis by stimulating re-growth of new bone tissue.
Mercator Medsystems

A medical device company offering targeted, precise delivery of drugs through injection into deep tissue.

Promoter of Software-Defined Networking — an architecture that makes the Internet more manageable, dynamic and adaptable.

Mark for the ecommerce site that has the world’s largest selection of designer reading glasses.

Meli Meli
A unique children's clothing line for girls marked by its whimsical and decidedly vintage approach to fabrics and silhouettes.
Aroha Philanthropies

This foundation gives grants to non-profit organizations championing the transformative power of the arts across all ages. The Maori origin of the name sparked the unfurling koru fern shape, a symbol of new growth and life.

Palo Alto Grill
Old world steakhouse in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Concept design for a niche café chain created specifically for city bike commuters. In addition to coffee drinks, they offer cyclists quick-service food, a place to rest, and bike-service while you wait.


Logo celebrating the 25th milestone campaign for the Global Fund for Women.

Demand Solutions Group
A consulting group specializing in turn-key on-demand solutions for business applications.
Medical device company using laser light to screen for diabetes non-invasively.
Palo Alto Soccer Club

Inspired by traditional coats-of-arms, the PASC logo points to the club’s competitive spirit, integrity, sportsmanship & teamwork, and pays homage to the iconic redwood, El Palo Alto (“the tall stick”) the city was named after.


An online retailer of top designer brand reading glasses for every occasion at clearance prices.

Sierra Club / 3rd Trail Blazers Ball

Event logo for Sierra Club’s 3rd annual “Green-Tie” fundraiser, themed active outdoors.

Global Fund for Women

This non-profit grant-making foundation champions women's rights in every corner of the globe. The symbol brings to mind the burdens women must bear, and the grace with which they persevere, day in, day out.


Yacht tour and charter service organizing adventure vacations in the Mediterranean. The owner, whose likeness we illustrated, found inspiration for the name of his business in the famed Jack London novel and his own name: Wolfgang.

Sierra Club / 2nd Trail Blazers Ball

Logo for Sierra Club’s 2nd annual “Green-Tie” fundraiser. This year’s theme — glamping — inspired retro-styled illustrations, typography and palette.


A project by Research Libraries Group. This online catalog of historic art of the world’s libraries, archives and museums is a virtual treasure trove for researchers and historians.

Antique Collective

An antique store on Union Square specializing in vintage furniture from the San Francisco’s Victorian era.

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Love Orange
delivering sweet design solutions.

New Project?

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • (650) 257-0157